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I’m a celebrity journalist and author turned copywriter. I pivoted during the pandemic after publishing my celebrity journalism memoir.

My fabulous clients are a uniquely talented group of people and work in a wide range of industries. They’re entrepreneurs, chefs, bar managers, software engineers, terrifyingly big corporations, mental health counsellors, directors, producers, actors, branding experts, authors, holistic practitioners and well, just about anyone who has a vision for their business and their future.

That’s probably you too, right?

I want you to be successful, reach a wider audience and sell enough to beat Jeff Bezos to the moon. So let me take the weight off your shoulders. Concentrate on doing the work you love while I write the words that will showcase your business and bring your vision to life.


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Scripts for podcasts or VT

I’m based in picturesque Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, but thanks to the far-reaching power of Zoom we can easily meet online and talk through what you need.

Get in touch by emailing

My office hours are 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.

a little information ABOUT PRICING

Here are the six considerations I take into account before quoting you for the job:

  • The complexity of the work.
  • The length of the project.
  • The deadline you are asking me to work to.
  • The value my work will add your business.
  • The creativity I bring to the project.
  • The market rate for the project.


  • After you’ve accepted my proposal, I will ask for 50% of the agreed fee up front. Then we can get cracking.
  • We’ll set up a phone call or Zoom consultation, usually lasting between 60-90 minutes. This is where I’ll gather all the information I need to do the writing.
  • I’ll go away for approximately two weeks to work on the words before delivering the first round of copy.
  • You’ll get two rounds of revisions just so that we have everything where it should be. I’ll expect your edits within one week of me sending you the copy. This keeps everything moving smoothly.
  • Then hey presto! You have lots of lovely new copy to use on your website (or wherever it’s going), and I get the remainder of my fee.
  • I’ll also ask for a written testimonial so that you can appear on this website, and also my social media.

Read more TESTIMONIALS here.


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