“I was very unhappy with my website, feeling lost in a sea of apathy and frustration not knowing where to turn. With a huge amount of experience and incredibly detailed insight, Lisa gently yet professionally guided me along a path towards an imaginative and creative solution. I loved my journey with Lisa and I now know where my website needs to be.”

Rachel Ogilvy, Actor and Voiceover artist


“It’s clear that Lisa has a natural talent for telling a story and finding the strongest lines in any piece of editorial. She brings the words to life with a light touch that always packs a punch. She will tell your story with passion, clarity and finesse.”

Uli Reese, CMO and Global Partner, Amp Sound Branding


“Lisa Marks is the consummate copy writing professional. She is talented, intuitive, capable, creative and always delivers on time. Her ability to work with words is extraordinary and she can wrestle even the most disorganized of drafts (and people) into submission. She is able to address trends, client needs and project parameters with grace and efficiency. I highly recommend her work.”

Margo Blake, Founder, Black Ink Communications