Looking for copy that sparkles?

You are? Great! You’ve not only come to the right place, you’ve got the penthouse complete with champagne on ice, personal chef and infinity pool…

Like a many tentacled wordsmith (I promise to work on that metaphor) my writing covers many areas.

As well as my journalism and travel writing, I’m also a creative freelance copywriter and content writer. And like a clubroom magician in Vegas, I can make your social media, brand-messaging and copy, for whatever platform you require, entertain, surprise and delight.

I always endeavour to bring a consistent, persuasive and powerful voice to your copy no matter what the medium.

I have worked on Hollywood press campaigns, charity campaigns, for luxury travel clients and many entrepreneurs and small businesses.  I also write video scripts for corporate clients and the entertainment sector, as well as webinars for educational purposes.

Please contact me for more details.

Black Ink PR & Marketing.


Attention Seekers.

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