It’s 2023 and the planet is in serious trouble. My wish this year is to continue to collaborate and work with clients who are equally concerned about the way we are using and abusing our planet. We can all strive to live a more sustainable life. I try to:

Recycle everything I can.

Shop second-hand and vintage.

Buy clothes made from sustainable fabrics.

Rarely print out documents.

Keep food waste to a minimum.

Walk instead of using my car.

Ensure my garden is a peaceful haven for nature.

If you have an equal sensibility of sustainability Iet’s work together and change not just words but the world…


let’s talk copywriting

If you’re here then things are serious. But don’t panic, words are my happy place.

I offer many copywriting services. I’m hugely experienced when it comes to writing white papers (longer research documents) as well as website copy, blogs, mailers, social media copy, case studies and advertorials. Or, you may want to take a look at my inexpensive website audit, the Nerdy Thirty. It’s a good jumping off point if you’re looking to update your website.

Why you, Lisa? Surely AI can do all this for free?

Ha! It can but it’ll be vanilla. I’ve got a 30-year global journalism career under my belt, plus ten years of copywriting and five years of lecturing in media on top of that. I’ve sold original film scripts, produced my own podcast and published my memoir. More than that I enjoy what I do. Bringing your stories to life makes me happy. I may sometimes use AI in my work but will never rely on it entirely.

What do I get out of it?

The kudos of having beautifully-written, bespoke copy that brings you a solid financial return.

It’s a big commitment though…

You’re right. And that’s why I will endeavour to make this experience not just painless but enjoyable. I’ve got more than a few happy clients now who can testify that this is a process that works. We’ll go on a journey together but happily for you, I’ll do most of the work. Go to my Testimonials page and read about how awesome I am!

So how does it work?

You can find all of that information on my Services page.

But I want to start now!

Then email and let’s get a date in the diary.

Here’s what one happy client says

Lisa was an absolute dream to work with. She’s an instinctive copywriter who completely understood what we needed, and worked incredibly quickly to deliver on a short timeline. I would absolutely recommend Lisa.”

Bex Walker, Founder, Bexfast