Okay, I know I’m jumping the gun here but I’m desperate for warmer weather and longer, lighter days. Instead of moping around the house this winter, I decided to use this enforced hibernation period to get my book written. It’s proved a great distraction.

I’m already 25,000 words into the manuscript and making great progress. I tend to write home alone but at least once a week I venture downstairs to the coffee shop near my building. This serves two purposes: it means I have to get dressed and look human, and secondly, well, that’s it really. I once stayed home for ten days straight writing a draft of a script and at the end of it Wilson the football from Castaway would probably have disowned me.

Thankfully, my local cafe serves the best coffee in town and so I use the time to sit upright, review what I’ve written and make notes for new chapters (as well as updating my Woman With Spirits travel and whiskey blog – as seen in the photograph).

Still lots to do but this book has been many years in the planning, it’s a labour of love and I’m very excited to get it out into the world!

Let’s cross our fingers we see snowdrops soon but before that, how about another cappucino?



Hello from the week in between Christmas and New Year. You know, the week where you don’t know what day it is and eat too much cheese.

But I’m still feeling most festive after spending a few weeks in sunny Los Angeles. It must be all the vitamin D because I definitely didn’t see any snow (only the fake stuff at The Grove). However, work beckons. While you’re eating mince pies and counting partridges in pear trees, I shall be spending much of the holiday period working on my latest travel stories. Here’s a sneak peak (below) of one. Yes, that’s me, the Hollywood sign and an e-bike which is a genius idea. Turbo boost biking!

I’m looking forward to sharing the full story in the New Year. But for everyone, I hope your new year is happy and healthy, and also – politics klaxon! – that someone works out how to stop Brexit from happening. I’m not ready to give up my European paspport. Why anyone would want to shut themselves off from the world is beyond me. I love being part of Europe and having the freedom of movement, and I couldn’t give two hoots what colour my passport is. But less of that (for now), I’m looking forward to 2018 and longer days, more sunshine and exploring new corners of our wonderful planet!



I’ve just returned from Paris and another fabulous few days wearing my Epica juror hat. Later this week the Grand Prix winners will be unveiled in Berlin.

9781350010413I had the honour of contributing to the gorgeous Epica Book which is 30 years old this year. My report is on DDB’s “Simplified Stories” campaign for the Belgium Alzheimer’s League. The books have been re-designed to help people with dementia enjoy reading again.

The book they chose to condense was Peter Verbruggen’s biography of Belgium pop star Paul Van Haver, who is known to his fans as Stromae.

Click here to find out how they edited out 8,000 words, created chapter summaries, used shorter sentences and easier words, plus special typography.


After all these years, it’s still a thrill to get a cover story.

This month I got the chance to interview actress Gemma Atkinson for the cover of OK! magazine. Not only is she part of this year’s brilliant Strictly Come Dancing line-up but she’s sending out a fantastic message about health and fitness. Going to the gym isn’t about being skinny it’s about being STRONG. Love it.

Good luck for the rest of the show Gemma!



I’m excited to be joining the pre-selection jury for the Epica Awards in Paris, for the third year running. It really is an honour to be able to judge this magnificent smorgasbord of creativity, diversity and imagination.

If your ad campaign is worthy of being judged by journalists working in media and advertising from around the world, now is the time to submit.

Extended deadline: you have until Friday October 13 to submit. Click on the link above.

Good luck, bon chance – and I’ll see you in Paris at the end of October!



Hello and welcome! I’ve just returned from a wonderful travel assignment to the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. Thank goodness because the summer in the UK this 2017 has been absolutely woeful. Constant rain and grey skies – I can’t even show off my fab new pedicure! So here are a couple of photographs; the first was taken at the magnificent Sky Bar, at the Tivoli Hotel, which has stunning views over the city’s ‘seven hills’, and another from our super fun tuk-tuk tour with my fellow journalists. The article will be published in OK! magazine in September. Spoiler alert – I loved it! Click on the travel writing page above to read about my past adventures. Obrigada!



I am thrilled to learn that my script “American Woman” has been announced as an Official Selection at the 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival, in Los Angeles.